Why did Yosef refer to the land of his birth as "Eretz ha'Ivrim"?


Ramban: #1 Because the Avos lived there, and Avraham, the first of the Avos, came from "Eiver ha'Nahar (the other side of the River Pras), 1 Consequently, that was the name by which they became known, and which all their descendants adopted, in order not to be associated with the Kena'anim.


Ramban #2: The land became known by that name, because the Avos were princes in the land. 2


What did Yosef mean when he said "Ki Lo Asisi Me'umah... "?


Oznayim la'Torah: Yosef claimed that he was in jail because he had done nothing of what the wife of Potifar had asked of him - to lie with her ad to be with her.


How could Yosef say "I was stolen"? He was sold!


Moshav Zekenim (37:28): While the brothers were engaged in selling him to Yishma'elim, Midyanim came to draw water from the pit and heard Yosef scream and stole him. They said that they acquired him from Hefker; they compromised, and took and sold him to Potifar like partners.

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