Why does the Torah write "And she added to give birth to his brother"?


Targum Yonasan: Since, in the previous Pasuk, we saw that Adam was not the father of Kayin, the Torah needs to write here that 'she added to give birth from her husband ... ".


Rashi: The Torah inserts three 'Esin', to teach us that one twin was born with Kayin, and two with Hevel. Therefore the Torah writes "And she added to give birth ... ".


Why does the Torah first record Hevel's profession, even though Kayin was the older of the two?


Rashi and Seforno: Hevel avoided farming, since the land was cursed (Rashi) or he chose shepherding because it required more Chochmah (Seforno). Either way, this indicated that he was the wiser of the two brothers, which is presumably why the Torah gives him precedence. 1


Moshav Zekenim: Initially, Kayin served only Hashem - "Kanisi Ish Es Hashem." When he saw Hevel engaging in a job, also he did so.


Moreover, he was the more righteous of the two, as the following Pesukim teach us.


רש"י: לפי שנתקללה האדמה: מנין לדרוש כך?


גור אריה: קשה היה למה בחר ברעיית הצאן והרי עד ימות נח לא הותר להם לאכול בשר ולא יכל להנות אלא מגיזה וחלב?!


רש"י: לפי שנתקללה האדמה: אם כך, למה קין הבכור כן נעשה עובד אדמה?


גור אריה: עבודת האדמה נצרכת לחיי האדם, ולכן כתוב "ויהי הבל רועה צאן" אחר ש"וקין" כבר "היה עובד אדמה".


גור אריה: הייתה לקין נפש רעה ולכן הוא בחר בעבודת האדמה המקוללת.

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