Why did Hashem refer to the blood of Hevel in the plural ("D'mei")?


Rashi #1 and Targum Onkelus: Because He was referring also to the blood of all Hevel's potential offspring whom Kayin prevented from coming into the world 1 with his murder.


Rashi #2: Because of the many wounds that he inflicted on his body, not knowing on which limb to strike him and kill him. 2


Moshav Zekenim: In any case, they will be born to someone else before Mashi'ach comes! However, they preferred to be born to Tzadikim. Or, it is painful for them until they are born.


Refer to 4:8:2:1.


Why does it say that the blood is crying "from the ground"?


Hadar Zekenim : Hashem told him, you cannot say that an animal killed him, for it would not know to cover the blood.

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