Why did Yehudah agree to give a kid-goat and the three objects as security? Why did Yehudah not simply pay her s fee?


Oznayim la'Torah: Yakov initiated a system of coins in Shechem, implying that other towns still employed the system of bartering goods. 1 Consequently, Yehudah offered Tamar a kid-goat, and three personal objects as security until it was available.


There were coins before this! Avimelech gave money when he returned Sarah. Avraham bought Sedei Efron for coins accepted in all places (20:16, 23:16). Midrashim discuss how Sodomites gave marked coins to an Oni, and took them back after he died, Lavan embraced Yakov to feel for coins... (PF) Maharsha (Shabbos 33b) explains that Yakov minted coins with the image of the city on them.


Why did he say "Anochi"?


Ha'Emek Davar: An Esnan is according to the honor of the Bo'el. A lowlier Bo'el must pay more. Yehudah said that for him, a kid suffices, and Tamar agreed.

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