Why does the Pasuk say here that Yehudah was going up to Timnah, whereas in Shoftim 14:1, it says that Shimshon went down to Timnah?


Rashi (citing Sotah, 10a): Timnah was situated on the slope of a hill, and one ascended to it from one side and descended to it from the other side.


Sotah (10a) #2: In connection with Shimshon, who was shamed in Timnah, 1 the Pasuk writes an expression of 'Yeridah', whereas in connection with Yehudah, who was elevated there, 2 the Pasuk writes an expression of Aliyah.


Sotah (10a) #3: There were actually two towns called Timnah, one on low ground, and the other, on high ground.


Rashi (10a): When he married a Plishti woman. Rashi in the original manuscript: Because the Plishtim poked his eyes out.


Rashi (10a): Through the birth of Peretz and Zerach - See Torah Temimah, note 11.

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