Why did Yehudah instruct Tamar to wait?


Rashi: He was simply putting her off, as he had no intention of giving her to Sheilah, seeing as she is a Katlanis (her first two 1 husbands died). 2


Ramban: Although Sheilah was ready to perform Yibum, Yehudah wanted him to wait, because, due to his youth (he was ten), he was afraid that he would sin like his brothers. And Tamar, who saw that Yehudah was not doing anything about it, took the initiative, in her eagerness to have children from that holy family. 3


Rosh, Moshav Zekenim: Surely he did not lie to her! He intended Shelah to mature, marry someone else, father children, and then marry Tamar. Sheilah would not marry her first, lest he die like his brothers, i.e. without children. 4 He hid his intent from Tamar, who expected to marry Sheilah once he matures.


Oznayim la'Torah (citing the Ramban and the Rambam): We do not push away a Mitzvah min ha'Torah in a mere suspicion (Katlanis). 5


And he held that a Chazakah takesa effect already after two times.


In which case she was not permitted to marry again. See Ramban.


Refer to 38:14:3:2.


I.e. the Isur to marry a Katlanis is lest he die without children. This is astounding. Surely also someone with children may not endanger himself! Perhaps Yehudah held that Chazakah is established only after three times; he was stringent to be concerned for two times only for P'ru u'Revu (PF).


Oznayim la'Torah, citing the Rambam, in Teshuvas Pe'er ha'Dor, Si'man 170. Or as others claim


Seeing as Shem had already died, how could Yehudah say "Sh'vi Almanah Beis Avich"?


Tosfos Kidushin,5a DH 'Al M'nas'. This teaches us that all the offspring of one's father are called 'Beis-Av' even after their father has died.


רש"י: דוחה היה אותה בקש: מנין שהוא דחה אותה בקש?


גור אריה: הפסוק ממשיך שהוא לא רצה כלל לתת אותה לשילה, ומכאן שהוא דחה אותה בקש.


רש"י: דוחה היה אותה בקש: למה הוא לא אמר לה את האמת?


גור אריה: כבוד המתים שהיא לא תנשא לאיש אחר.


גור אריה: מחמת מצות יבום הוא לא רצה שהיא תנשא לאיש זר. 1


יש להקשות על הגו"א למה הוא לא חלץ לה? ואולי דעת הגו"א שאמנם חליצה מתירה יבמה לשוק אבל ענין היבום לא מתקיים בכך, ולכן הוא העדיף שהיא תשאר אלמנה.


רש"י: מוחזקת...שימותו אנשיה: קשה שלהלכה שור נעשה מועד ומוחזק לנגוח רק אחרי 3 פעמים?


גור אריה: בגמרא ביבמות מוכח שלעניין נישואין ההלכה היא שיש חזקה ב2 פעמים.

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