Why does it say that they could not speak with him "l'Shalom"?


Rashi: In praise of Yosef's brothers, inasmuch as they were not two-faced, pretending to be his friends when in fact, they hated him.


Seforno: Although they had to communicate with him in his capacity as manager of their father's estate (Refer to 37:3:3:1), they could not bring themselves to talk to him in a brotherly manner.


Kol Eliyahu: One blesses someone who leaves "Go l'Shalom", and not "b'Shalom" (which is a bad sign - Brachos 64a). Because they hated him, they could not say the word 'l'Shalom'.


Ohr ha'Chayim: Normally, they would have argued with him and rebuked him, and their envy would depart. However, they saw that Yakov loves him more than all of them together, and he publicized this through the robe. Now, they cannot debate with him to make Shalom, for Yakov vindicated him (Yosef can 'prove' that he is right)!


Malbim: Normally, words of Shalom assuage hatred. However, hatred based on envy and thinking that he is a Rasha lying in ambush, when he [appears to] speak peaceably, this increases the hatred.


Ha'Emek Davar: They could not bear his words of Shalom, for they thought that also he hates them, but hides his hatred. "Yachlu" is from Yachil, a measure; they did not have enough tolersance.


What was the root of the brothers' hatred for Yosef?


Ohr Yechezkel Darchei ha'Avodah p.36: It was not simple hatred of brothers. Everything is in Hashem's hands. 1 We find that right after they sold Yosef, they regretted this and wanted to return him!


Oznayim la'Torah: Now that Yakov actually displayed his favoritism of Yosef, the brothers were afraid that, like Avraham, who gave everything he had to Yitzchak and sent the sons of his concubines away from Yitzchak, 2 he too, would give everything he had to Yosef and send them 3 away.


Ramban, Ha'Emek Davar: Bnei Bilhah and Zilpah hated him for his Leshon ha'Ra about them. Bnei Leah hated him due to envy that Yakov loved him more.


Malbim: They knew that of Avraham's sons, only Yitzchak was chosen, and of Yitzchak's sons, only Yakov. They saw that Yakov loves only Yosef, they feared that he sees Yosef as primary, and the rest of them are the shell. The robe supported this; it designates him for Avodas Hashem, like Bigdei Kehunah, He spoke Leshon ha'Ra to sully them in his father's eyes. His dreams showed that he wanted also kingship!


Bereishis Rabah (84:18), regarding the sale, expounds "Lamah Sas'enu Hashem mi'Derachecha [Takshi'ach Libenu Shuv... Shivtei Nachalasecha]" - when You wanted, You put in their hearts to love. And when You wanted, You put in their hearts to hate.


Oznayim la'Torah: A fear that would affect the sons of Bilhah and Zilpah even more deeply than the sons of Leah.

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