Why does the Torah refer to Dinah as "Bas Le'ah" and not 'Bas Yakov'?


Rashi: Because, like her mother 1 , who "went out" to meet Yakov (Bereishis 30:16), she "went out" 2 to see the maidens of the land. 3


Ramban: To stress that she was the full sister of Shimon and Levi, who took the lead in avenging her honor.


It is from here that the saying 'like mother, like daughter' arose.


Even though it is the way of a Jewish woman to be in the home (refer to 18:9:1:2).


Chochmah u'Musar (2 p.460): Leah went out for a Mitzvah, to beget a Shevet, and merited Yisachar. What is wrong with this?! It is because she took Rachel's Onah (time for intimacy). Even though Rachel consented, both of them were punished, and it caused pain to Yakov, and through the episode with Dinah, it was written about Shimon and Levi "Klei Chamas Mecheroseihem" - all for a minor misdeed!


After calling Dinah "Bas Le'ah", why does it add "Asher Yaldah l'Yakov"?


Ramban: Because all Bnei Yakov (even those from other mothers) displayed zealousness on her part to some degree.


Nidah 31a: Only Dinah is attributed to Yakov, to teach that if the man is Mazri'ah first, the child will be a girl.


Moshav Zekenim: The debacle was also due to Yakov. He was punished for hiding her in a box (refer to 32:23:1:1**).


What is the significance of the fact that Dinah went out to see the maidens?


Oznayim la'Torah: We learn from Dinah that, when a person goes to see, he is also seen and one therefore needs to weigh

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