Seeing as Ya'akov had only one brother and there was only one Esav, why does the Torah see fit to mention them both?


Rashi: Ya'akov was asking Hashem to save him from his brother who did not behave like a brother but like Esav ha'Rasha.


Targum Yonasan: He was worried in that a. Esav was his older brother (whom he was obligated to honor, 1 and b. he had the merit of having honored his father for the twenty odd years that he (Ya'akov) was in Charan.


The Beis ha'Levi: Ya'akov was afraid, not only of Esav ha'Rasha, but also of Esav [who acts like] his brother, whose influence would be bound to affect him and his family adversely.


See Kesuvos, 103a.


Why did Ya'akov add the suffix 'ni' to the word "ve'Hikani"?


Ramban: What he meant was that Esav would smite both him and 'his wives and their children.

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