Seeing as Yakov had only one brother and there was only one Esav, why does the Torah see fit to mention them both?


Rashi: Yakov was asking Hashem to save him from his brother who did not behave like a brother but like Esav ha'Rasha.


Targum Yonasan: He was worried in that a. Esav was his older brother (whom he was obligated to honor, 1 and b. he had the merit of having honored his father for the twenty odd years that he (Yakov) was in Charan.


The Beis ha'Levi and Oznayim la'Torah: Yakov was afraid, not only of Esav ha'Rasha, but also of Esav [who acts like] his brother, 2 whose influence would be bound to affect him and his family adversely.


See Kesuvos, 103a.


Oznayim la'Torah: And from the fact that Ya'akov mentioned first "mi'Yad Achi" it seems that he was more worried about the latter than about the former.


Why did Yakov add the suffix 'ni' to the word "ve'Hikani"?


Ramban: What he meant was that Esav would smite both him and 'his wives and their children.

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