Why does the Torah say that Lavan named the pile 'Yegar Sahadusa', and Yakov, 'Gal'ed? Is this not a direct translation of Gal'ed?


Tosfos ha'Shalem (1): Lavan said to make 'Yegar Sahadusa', a collection of testimony. Yakov said that that the pile itself will be a witness, and Lavan agreed.


Malbim: Yakov was concerned only lest Lavan harm him now, but not when he will be in his father's house. For this, a witness sufficed - 'Gal'ed'. Lavan was concerned how Yakov will treat his daughters also for the future. He wanted lasting testimony - 'Yegar Sahadusa.' The Targum of Ed is Sahada.


Ha'Emek Davar: Lavan did not understand that in Leshon ha'Kodesh, "Ed" also connotes testimony, therefore he called it 'Yegar Sahadusa' (testimony).

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