Why did Yaakov set up the stone as a 'Matzevah'?


Seforno: A sign that it the matter should be firmly established ('Yatziv v'Kayam').


Malbim: The Bris obligated Lavan only not to harm Yaakov, a revealed matter, so people can be witnesses; he told Lavan's 'brothers' to gather stones, to remind them. Yaakov was also obligated also not to deny intimacy to Lavan's daughters 1 - a hidden matter. Only Hashem can be a witness about it, so he made a Matzevah (refer to 31:48:151:3).


Ha'amek Davar: It was to offer on it. A Kadosh matter is a witness to the sin of annulling the Bris. It says 'Haramah,' for he elevated it above other stones, like "v'Yarem Es ha'Machtos" (Bamidbar 17:2); like it says in Menachos 99a. 2


See Rashi to 31:50


Our text there does not say so. Rather, it learns that we ascend in Kedushah from "Es Machtos ha'Chata'im... Tzipuy la'Mizbe'ach" (Bamidbar 17:3).

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