What is "Neged Achai v'Achecha"? How can they know whether something was stolen from Lavan?


Tosfos ha'Shalem (3): It is in front of your 'brothers' (who accompanied you), from sons of Yishmael and Keturah, who are related to me.


Ohr ha'Chayim: Ownership is proven through giving Simanim. 1 It must be in front of my brothers and yours; he did not trust Lavan's brothers alone, for they are like him.


Ha'amek Davar: There was a recognizable difference between Kelim of Yisrael and of Nochrim.


How will Simanim prove anything? If Yaakov or his family stole something, they could see the Siman when they took it. Kelim that Yaakov bought or made, Lavan could see the Siman when he searched for his Terafim! Lavan claimed that Yaakov took things just before he fled. There are Simanim that a thief would not see at the time he steals, e.g. the exact length and width of a garment, nor would Lavan know them from his search. Alternatively, Lavan's 'brothers' were regular in his house. Did you find one Kli for which one of your brothers can give a Siman?! However, Ohr ha'Chayim's final words imply unlike this. (PF)


Why did Yaakov mention "Klei Beisecha"? Lavan accused him only of stealing his gods!


Refer to 31:36:1:1.


Malbim (to 31:32) You think that I stole your gods, lest they tell you what I stole from you. Did you find anything of yours?!

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