Why did Lavan say "va'Tignov Osi"?


Bechor Shor #1: Our city agreed that no one may leave without Os Sheli (my Siman). I would have given it to you! One who leaves without it is assumed to be a thief.


Bechor Shor #2: Lavan's money was dear to him like himself. It seemed to him as if Yaakov stole Lavan himself.


Malbim: You deprived me of the Simchah of sending you away, and to kiss my daughters.


Ha'amek Davar: He suspected that Yaakov stole his Kelim. One who flees suddenly, he does not even take all his Kelim. He saw that Yaakov had all his Kelim - if so, you planned this days ago. Presumably, you also were hiding my Kelim, and took them! If not, you would have told me before leaving, and you would take all your Kelim!


Oznayim la'Torah: Lavan belonged to the group of people who considered partying and merrymaking the main purpose of their lives. 1 Consequently, when Yaakov fled, denying him the opportunity of making him an elaborate farewell party - as indeed, he himself explains here - it was as if he had stolen him.


Oznayim la'Torah: See for example, how he threw a big party the night before his daughter's wedding.


Why is "b'Shirim" written lacking a Yud?


Tosfos ha'Shalem (3): We read it like Sarim (I would have sent nobles to accompany you).

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