What were Lavan's gripes in this verse?


Malbim: You acted improperly towards me, and towards my daughters. Even if you thought that I would not allow you to leave, you may not leave without my permission! One should not use evil methods to get what he cannot get fairly!


Ha'amek Davar: You made it seem that I do not love my daughters, to take them from me without a Berachah. Really, I love them! In the next verse, he scolds him for fleeing.



Rashi writes: "'Like captives of the sword' - Any forces that come to battle can be referred to as, 'the sword.'" What does Rashi mean?


Gur Aryeh: The sword is used to kill, not to take captives. Rashi explains that any army is called 'the sword,' even if their objective is to take captives and not to kill.

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