What were the points that Rachel and Leah raised to explain why they had disconnected from their father?


Rashi: (a) Because, instead of giving them a dowry upon their marriage to Yaakov, he sold them to him (by making him work for them). (b) Because he 'stole' the wages that were Yaakov's due during the six years that had just terminated. (c) All that they owned of their father's was what Hashem had rescued from him and placed with Yaakov, 1 and that, as a result, they were ready to fulfill his request and to join him when he left.


And that all of this was truly theirs and not their father's, as Lavan claimed.


What does "he sold us and consumed our money" mean?


Bechor Shor, Malbim, Ha'amek Davar: He sold us for your labor, and did not give to us anything from it. All the more so, he will not give to us an inheritance!


Tosfos ha'Shalem (3): He sold us for your labor, and consumed the dowry that it was proper to give to us.


Tosfos ha'Shalem (4): He sold us like sheep. Should we wait here until he consumes our money?!


Why did they say the double expression "va'Yochal Gam Achol"?


Ohr ha'Chayim (to 31:14): He consumed our mother's inheritance, and Yaakov worked 14 years for them.

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