What miracle is Yakov describing here?


Rashi: Even though Lavan had removed all the animals with these appearances (to prevent Yakov from obtaining their likes), 1 Yakov dreamt that angels 2 were transporting those very goats back to his flock (thereby foiling Lavan's plans).


Ramban: This Pasuk is referring to after Lavan changed the conditions. Yakov is telling his wives that Hashem showed him in a dream that whatever condition Lavan made, He complied, but on behalf of Yakov. 3


Refer to 30:31:1:2*. Why the Pasuk here list appearances that Lavan did not remove? Perhaps it hints that Lavan kept changing the terms, and the angels brought whatever was needed to help Yakov. (PF)


See Ramban.


Refer to 31:8:1:2. In any event, it had nothing to do with angels doing anything and was merely a vision to reassure Yakov that Hashem was working on his behalf. From that time on, when Yakov saw how Hashem was intervening on his behalf, Yakov no longer employed the method of the sticks.


Why was the miracle limited to Atudim (goats), and not the sheep?


Rashi (Mishlei 24:27): "Atudim" refers to animals in general.


Ramban: "Atudim" incorporates all grown-up Tzon, both goats and rams.


Moshav Zekenim (Bereishis 30:37): Atudim are fattened animals. They are not for mating. Even these mated miraculously, to benefit Yakov.


What is Berudim? There was no stipulation about this!


Rashi (citing Targum Onkelos): A white strip surrounds the body. The stripes are open, and go from one end to the other.


Redak: This is in place of Telu'im (blotched); the white is like Barad (hail). Ohr ha'Chayim (12) 1


He comes to support Ibn Ezra; I did not find Ibn Ezra discuss Berudim. He assumes that the animals were born like the fathers' appearances. (PF)

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