Why does it say, "va'Yomer"? Lavan is still speaking!


Bechor Shor: It is because he elaborated. Often, va'Yomer is repeated when one elaborates.


Malbim: He refuted Yaakov's claim that he worked for Lavan's daughters. I told you "Tov Titi Osah Lach..." (29:19) - I gave them for free; 1 you may not take them wherever you want! Tell me what wage you want for your work.


Ha'amek Davar: He saw that Yaakov did not answer him. Yaakov knew that he deserves proper wages (and not mere Tovas Hana'ah for Brachah that came due to him). Therefore, Lavan said, 'name your wage!'


Perhaps he could say so about the first seven years - however, he agreed to give Rachel on condition that Yaakov work another seven years! This requires investigation. (PF)

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