Why did Esav connect the current episode with Yaakov's name?


Seforno: It was not just a play on words, but, as the Gemara says (Berachos 7b), 'The name is the cause.' 1


Rashbam: He was complaining that they called him Yaakov, with reference to the birth, which indicated that Esav was the Bechor and that Yaakov should receive less than him. And now, not only did Yaakov not receive less, but he was blessed with double! 2


Ohr ha'Chayim #1: He complained that the name 'Yaakov' (singular) implies swindling him only once, but he did so twice!


Ohr ha'Chayim #2: He said the name 'Yaakov' is appropriate; it hints that he will repeatedly do so. He already swindled me twice!


Malbim: He was complaining that they called him Yaakov because he was holding onto his heel - a sign that Esav will be supreme in this world, and Yaakov, only at the end of days.


Consequently, a person's destiny lies to a certain degree, in his name.


See Rashbam for other examples of this format.


What is the exact meaning of "ha'Lo Atzalta Li Berachah?"


Rashi: Did you not separate a Berachah for me, too?


Ramban (citing Targum Onkelos) and Targum Yonasan: Refer to Bamidbar 11:17:3:4*.


Ha'amek Davar: Can you not give to me a Berachah similar to his, a 'copy' of the abundance of his Berachah?


What led Esav to believe that Yitzchak had reserved him a Berachah?


Seforno: He accepted that the main Berachah that had been his was lost, but he could not conceive that, when his father thought that he was blessing him, he left nothing for his brother Yaakov.

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