"Tze'akah Gedolah" would have told us the extent of Esav's cry. What are the implications of the additional words, "... u'Marah Ad Me'od"?


Oznayim la'Torah (to 27:41): Esav had spent a lifetime of grooming his father for the Berachos - bribing him with the venison that he hunted, by putting on a show at being a Shomer Torah u'Mitzvos 1 and by honoring him to the extreme. 2 And now, at the last moment, Yaakov with his Chochmah (and with the help of his astute mother) had pulled the rug from under his feet.


Refer to 25:27:2:1.


Oznayim la'Torah: Something that he did not display towards his mother (whom he had made barren at birth - EC)! See Oznayim la'Torah who elaborates on this point.


What were the ramifications of Esav's bitter cry?


Midrash Rabah: Because Yaakov caused Esav to cry out, the Pasuk in Esther informs us that Mordechai "cried a loud and bitter cry" (Esther 4:1). And as for Yaakov himself, for having caused Esav to weep, he was made to weep when he met Rachel for the first time. 1


Oznayim la'Torah: Refer to 29:11:2:2*.


Why did Esav say "Barcheni Gam Ani Avi"? He should have said 'Osi'!


Ha'amek Davar: Esav understood "Gam Baruch Yihyeh" to mean, 'because also he is my son.' If so, you can bless also me, for also I am your son, and call you Avi!

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