What did Hashem mean when He said to Yitzchak that "All the nations of the land will be blessed by his offspring"?


Rashi: He meant that people will say to their own children 'May your offspring be like the offspring of Yitzchak!'. 1


Targum Unk'lus and Targum Yonasan: All te nations of the land will be blessed because of you!' (that Yisrael will be the conduit through which Berachah will flow on to the whole world). 2


The source for this is Ya'akov, who said to Yosef 'Theough you Yisrael will bless, saying "May Hashem make you like Efrayim and like Menasheh!" '


See Rashi to Devarim 11:12, who presents a similar idea.


רש"י: אדם אומר לבנו יהא זרעך כזרעו של יצחק: למה לא פירש שכל הגויים יתברכו בזכות יצחק?


גור אריה: "והתברכו" אין משמעו קבלת ברכה כי זה מבנין התפעל, [אלא פרושו שכל אחד כך יברך את בנו].

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