Why did the Plishtim not quarrel over the third well?


Rashbam: Because, as the Pasuk explains, he dug it far away from the previous ones, outside their area and sphere of influence.


Moshav Zekenim: Beforehand, Yitzchak explained to them that the water came up for him three times, so they realized that it is due to him.


Why does the Torah see fit to relate the episode of the wells? What did the three wells symbolize ('Ma'aseh Avos Si''man le'Banim')?


Ramban: The three wells of spring-water symbolized the three Batei-Mikdash 1 'Eisek' symbolized the first Beis-ha'Mikdash (over which our enemies fought many battles until they destroyed it; 'Sitnah' symbolizes the second Beis-ha'Mikdash, 2 where our enemies intensified their incessant efforts to destroy it until they ultimately succeeded, and we were driven into a bitter Galus. Whereas 'Rechovos' symbolizes the third Beis-ha'Mikdash, may it be built speedily in our days, which will be built without Machlokes and Hashem will widen our borders. 3


Like we find in Yirmiyah (17:13) that Hashem is compared to a fountain of springwater. See also Ba'al ha'Turim (Pasuk 20, 21 & 22)


In connection with which the word Sitnah is actually used (in Ezra 4:6).


As the Torah writes in Parshas Shoftim (Devarim 19:5) "And when Hashem widens your borders like He said He would".


What does "u'Farinu ba'Aretz" symbolize?


Ramban: That in the time of third Beis-ha'Mikdash (alias the days of Mashi'ach), all the nations of the world will serve Hashem as one!


רש"י: ופרינו...כתרגומו ונפוש בארעא: ממה בא רש"י להוציא?


גור אריה: זה לא לשון עבר כי ע"י הבאר תבוא להם הרחבה בעתיד, ולכן פירש רש"י ע"פ התרגום.


למה על הבאר הזו לא רבו?


גור אריה (פסוק כ): יצחק הלך למקום שהם לא היו חופרים, ולכן לא היה להם שטנה עליו. 1


עיי"ש בהבדל שבין הבארות.


למה כתוב כאן "ויעתק משם"?


גור אריה (פסוק כ): כדי שלא יריבו איתו, התרחק יצחק למקום שלא יוכלו לטעון שהם היו חופרים בו בלעדיו.

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