Why does it say "Shemosam b'Chatzreihem uv'Tirosam"?


Malbim: Bnei Yishmael did not change their name, even after they increased and dwelled in open and walled cities.


Ha'Emek Davar: Initially they were minor officers, each was over a Chatzer. Later each became a major city. Even so, they kept their names, unlike Bnei Esav, who changed the names of their chiefs.


Why does it say "Shneim Asar Nesi'im l'Umasam"?


Ha'Emek Davar: Hashem had blessed Avraham that Yishmael will father 12 Nesi'im. Even had He said 12 sons, we would know that each family will have a head, who is like a Nasi over it. L'Umasam teaches that each head will be proper to be Nasi over the entire nation.

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