Why does the Torah find it necessary to add that Yishmael was the son of Hagar ha'Mitzris?


Rashbam and Ramban (25:19): To stress that Yishmael was not the real son of Avraham, in contrast to Pasuk 10, where it adds "Avraham bore Yitzchak" - since he was his real son. 1


Hadar Zekenim (on 25:19): The son of a Nochris is not called your son, rather, her son (Kidushin 68b).


למה מיחס כאן הכתוב את ישמעאל לאברהם?


גור אריה (לקמ' פסוק יט): תפארת בנים אבותם, ולכן בא הפסוק ליחס את בני ישמעאל לאברהם.

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