Why did Eliezer see fit to tell Yitzchak about all the miracles that he encountered (as Rashi explains)?


Rashbam: To convince him that Rivkah was his Bashert.


Peninim mi'Shulchan ha'Gra: The letters of "Es Kol ha'Devarim Asher Asah" are an acronym for "do not be astounded [when you have relations with her] that there is no blood of virginity. She saw [you], descended (from the camel) and immediately lost [her Besulim] there. He 1 saw birds guarding the blood."


Why did he not say that Reish stands for Ra'isi (I saw)? Perhaps "he" means that Yitzchak went and saw (PF).


רש"י: גלה לו נסים שנעשו לו וכו': אם את הניסים הוא סיפר, לא נכון לכתוב "את כל אשר עשה" אלא 'את...אשר נעשה'?


גור אריה: אליעזר סיפר 'הלכתי ביום אחד מכאן עד שם על ידי נס' וכן סיפר שהתפלל.

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