Why does the Torah mention the men who were with him here?


Oznayim la'Torah: Refer to 24:10:1:5:1 1 .


Above (verse 32), it says "ha'Anashim Asher Ito" (they were secondary to him). Why does it say here "ha'Anashim Asher Imo" (which implies equality)?


Malbim: At the time of eating, Eliezer did not conduct as if he was more important than them


Even though the verse discusses an Eved Ivri, we learn from it that it is proper to treat slaves as equals regarding eating. Perhaps before the family agreed, Eliezer needed to assert his authority, lest the family try to bargain with the other men for better terms. Alternatively, now all were needed equally for a Minyan for Birkas Chasanim, (PF)


Why did Eliezer say "send me (singular)"?


Ha'Emek Davar: The custom was not to leave a married woman alone with someone that her husband does not rely on. If so, Rivkah could not stay there without Eliezer, so if he will go, also she must go.

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