Why did Eliezer change the order? Above (verse 22), it says that he placed the ornaments on her before asking her about her family!


Rashi: To avoid them pulling him up and asking him how he could place the ornaments before knowing who she was. 1


Rashbam and Ramban: Refer to 24:22:2:2 and the note there.


Ohr ha'Chayim: Had he admitted that he gave before asking, Besu'el could claim that this was reward for serving him, 2 and the ornaments belong to him (a father receives his daughter's earnings). Rather, he said that after she answered, he gave them for bridal ornaments.


Refer to 24:22:2:1


Could anyone claim that he gave her bracelets "Asarah Zahav Mishkalam" for drawing water?! Indeed, the father of Lavan the swindler could! (PF)

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