What is the significance of the double expression "el Artzi ve'el Molad'ti"?


Rashbam and Ramban #2 (Pasuk 7): Avraham was instructing Eliezer to go, not just to his land 1 , but to his family.


Rashi: To where he was born and lived - Ur Kasdim. 2


Ramban #1 (Pasuk 7): To where he was born and lived - Charan.


Divrei David: Avraham wanted to Eliezer to go to his family in Charan. If he cannot get a girl from there, he should go to his family (daughters of Yishmael or Lot). Regarding the latter, if she does not want to come, Yitzchak may go there, for they were in Eretz Kena'an.


Refer to Refer to 24:7:3:3.


Refer to 24:7:3:2*. See also Sifsei Chachamim.


How could Avraham intstruct Eliezer to find a wife in Charan from his family


Oznayim la'Torah #1: That was before Terach did Teshuvah. But after he did Teshuvah, all the family did Teshuvah to some decree. 1


Oznayim la'Torah #2: Hashem commanded Avraham to go to Kena'an, not because its residents were better than the family of Avraham and the residents of Avraham's birthplace, rather, in order to publicize the existence of Hashem and to make it easier for his children to ultimately conquer it.


What is his source that the family did Teshuvah with Terach? Besu'el and Lavan were still great Resha'im! (PF)


Why did Avraham specify "li'Vni l'Yitzchak"? In the previous verse, he said only " li'Vni"!


Ha'Emek Davar: Here he discusses being Mekadesh her to Yitzchak. If he does not specify, it creates a Safek, even though his intent is clear (Kidushin 64b).

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