Why is the word "Ulai" missing a 'Vav'?


Rashi: Without a 'Vav' it can be read 'Eilai' (to me). This tells us that Eliezer had a daughter whom he hoped Yitzchak would marry.


Rashi said that Eliezer hoped that Yitzchak would marry his daughter. On what grounds did Avraham not consider it?


Rashi: Because Yitzchak was blessed, where as Eliezer 1 was cursed. 2


Lev Eliyahu (Bereishis p.77): Eliezer thought that he ceased to be cursed. Really, this did not occur until he came to Rivka's house (refer to 24:31:1:2).


Refer to 24:8:3:2.


How does Rashi learn from Ulai that Eliezer hoped that Yitzchak would marry his daughter? Ulai is the same with or without the Vav. Eliezer needed to ask what to do if she does not want to come!


Divrei Eliyahu, Kol Eliyahu: One says "Pen" 1 for a possibility he does not want to occur, and "Ulai" if he wants it to occur. 2 Why would Eliezer want that she will not want to come, if not that he had a daughter...


This is extremely difficult to understand however, since "Pen" always follows a verb (for example


Why is "Ulai" here missing a 'Vav', but above (Pasuk 5) it has a Vav?


Moshav Zekenim: Only now that he ceased to be cursed (refer to 24:31:1:2), he thought that his daughter is proper for Yitzchak.


Lev Eliyahu (Bereishis p.79): Now, after he ceased to be cursed, he realized his intent.


The Kotzker Rebbe (brought in Lev Eliyahu Bereishis p.79, b'Hagahah): After he saw that Rivka is destined for Yitzchak, his bias departed, and retroactively he recognized his intent.


רש"י: בת היתה לו לאליעזר והיה מחזר למצוא עילה וכו': למה זה כתוב כאן ולא בשעה שדיבר אליעזר עם אברהם?


גור אריה: בודאי אליעזר לא אמר 'אֵלַי' אלא 'אולי', אבל אברהם הבין שכוונתו הייתה לומר 'אֵלַי' כי היה לאליעזר לסמוך על זכות אברהם [שהשליחות תצליח] והוא חיזר לומר "אולי לא תלך האשה אחרי" כדי שיאמר לו אברהם- 'אם כן ישא בתך', וכאן פירש אליעזר את כוונתו כדי להגיד להם תשובת אברהם שיצחק ברוך ולכן הם יתנו לו את בתם.

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