Why does the Torah write that Rivkah related what happened to her mother's house, and not to that of her father, as Rachel did when Ya'akov arrived in Charan?*


Rashi: It was customary for the women to have their own room, and it was therefore natural for Rivkah to have reported to her mother. When Ya'akov arrived in Charan however, Rachel's mother was no longer alive, so Rachel had no option other than to report to her father.



Rashi writes that a daughter prefers to tell her mother, and it was customary for women to have their own Bayis. This does not explain why it says "she said to Beis Imah"!


Ha'Emek Davar: Rather, she said to the entire household of her mother, and Lavan heard. It seems that Besu'el was secondary to her mother. We see that he was secondary to Lavan!

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