Why did Rivkah change the expression from "Lalin" to "Lalun"?


Rashi: In response to Eliezer's request for one night's lodging ("Lalin"), Rivkah responded with "Lalun" - lodging for many nights. 1


Rashbam: "Lalin" is a noun, "Lalun", a verb. 2


Hadar Zekenim: Eliezer requested lodging for many nights. Rivkah responded "Lalun" - for one night, for her father's house was full of idolatry (one should not delay there).


In keeping with the Midas ha'Chesed of Avraham, who always did more than was expected. Refer to 24:14:1:1. (Even though her father decides who may stay, she was sure that he would agree for money. If needed, she herself could pay with a gift that she just received!

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