Why does the Torah see fit to inform us that Rivka hurried to lower her pitcher and to empty it into the trough, and that she ran to the well to draw water for the camels?


She acted just like Avraham, who hurried and ran 1 to serve his guests (See beginning of Vayeira), and whose house she was destined to enter. 2


Lev Eliyahu (Bereishis p.80): even without rushing, it would take only a moment! One who loves Chesed wants to do it a moment earlier. The Torah reveals that due to this she merited to become Rivka Imenu.


Refer to 24:14:1:1.


Why did Eliezer allow Rivkah, a young girl, to actually draw water for ten camels and water them. Considering that there were eleven able-bodied meyyy, why did he not accept her readiness to water them as sufficient proof as to her amazing Midah of Chesed, and then share the task of watering the camels with the other servants?


Oznayim la'Torah: Because he also wanted to check out her health. 1 When she drew water for ten camels and watered them he knew that, not only was she beautiful, both in appearance and in Midos, but that she was also strong and healthy


Refer also to 24:1:7:2:1 2



Having called Lavan "Lavan ha'Arami", why does the Pasuk repeat "mi'Padan Aram"?


Rashi: To teach us that he was from Padan Aram and not from Aram Tzovah (Syria). Refer to 25:20:3:1.


Oznayim la'Torah #1 (citing the Midrash Rabah): 'Lavan ha'Arami' means Lavan the swindler. 1


Oznayim la'Torah #2: To inform us that Lavan was from the place called Aram and not that he was a descendent of Aram, the son of Shem. 2


As if the Torah had written 'Lavan ha'Ramai'.


Who was the founder of Aram Tzovah.

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