Following the Bnei Ches' offer, why did Avraham ask them to talk with Efron, and not talk to him personally?


Seforno and Ramban: Because Efron was a wealthy dignitary, and it is not correct for a person of such status to sell part of his inheritance. 1


Ohr ha'Chayim (9): Avraham was concerned lest they contest the sale in the future, saying that a neighbor had prior rights to buy it, or a creditor had a lien on it. He involved the entire city in the sale, so no one could protest later.


Ramban, Seforno: As Navos informed Achav, in Melachim I 21:3.


What are the connotations of "Im Yesh Es Nafshechem"?


Rashi (on Iyov, 6:11): It means 'your desire' 1 or 'with your knowledge 2 - It is an expression of desire and satisfaction from which the soul benefits.


Ohr ha'Chayim: (There are two ways to explain why you called me "Nesi Elokim"; refer to 23:6:1:6,7.) If you [esteem me, and] want [that I bury my dead, you will approach Efron.]


Malbim: (If I cannot acquire a family burial site, it is not proper burial.) If you want [that I can bury my dead properly, you will approach Efron, to decide the reason for the custom that only residents may have sites. 3


Rashi: As in Mishlei, 13;2.


See Avodah Zarah, 27a.


Malbim: (a) If it was enacted to give precedence to residents to buy land, it is only for sales, but one may give a gift to whoever he wants. (b) If it is to honor the esteemed residents over visitors, it applies even to a gift.


Why did Avraham specifically ask for Efron?


Ramban: Because he knew about the Me'aras ha'Machpeilah in the corner of Efron's property. 1 Moreover, it was not used as a burial plot, but was just part of his field.


Malbim: Efron was the judge, and could decide the reason for the custom (refer to 23:8:1.1:3*).


Refer to 18:7:1:2*.


Why did Avraham essentially repeat "Likvor Es Mesi mi'Lefanai"?


Ha'Emek Davar: Aside from my honor, be concerned for my pain. I can remove myself from my Mes only like I say!

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