Do we find Utz and Kemu'el anywhere else? And who was Buz?


Rashi (in Iyov, 1:1): Utz is alias Iyov, and Buz, Elihu ben Berechel. 1


One of seven prophets of the Nochrim (Bava Basra, 15b. According to the Zohar, he was a Kohen, a descendent of Yechezkel.


This is unlike the opinion that Iyov's 210 years coincided with Galus Egypt (see Bava Basra 15a-b). Perhaps this is like the opinion there that he married Dinah. (PF)


This is unlike Sanhedrin 106b, which says that he lived only 33 years. However, that Gemara is unlike the Midrash that says that he counseled Pharaoh to drown the babies of Yisrael. (PF)

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