What is the significance of the 'many days that Avraham sojourned in the Land of the P'lishtim'?


Rashi: It means tt hat following the twenty-five years that he spent in Chevron (from the age of seventy-five to ninety-nine) 1 , he spent twenty-six years in Be'er-Sheva (from the age of ninety-nine to a hundred and twenty-five) - twelve years before the Akeidah - after which he returned to Chevron.


Moshav Zekenim: It was more than 25, for he was in Chevron when he conquered the four kings! (He holds that Avraham went to Eretz Cana'an temporarily before Lech L'cha. However, he himself said that Avraham was 74 when he conquered them! (Refer to 12:4:1:1*.) If so, what is the problem?

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