Having instructed Avimelech to return Sarah, why did Hashem see fit to add the fact that he is a Navi?


Rashi: To reassure him that Avraham would know that he had not had relations with Sarah, and that a. Sarah would therefore not be rejected by him, and b. he would willingly Daven on his behalf. 1


Moshav Zekenim: Avimelech was Chayav Misah. Avraham's Tefilah would save him - Hashem decrees, and Tzadikim annul His decree.


רש"י: ואל תהא סבור שמא תתגנה בעיניו...ולא יתפלל עליך: למה פירש רש"י כך?


גור אריה: קשה שגם אם אברהם לא היה נביא היה לו להשיב את אשתו? אלא לומר לו שהיא לא תתגנה על אברהם.

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