What prompted Avraham to move his tent?


Rashi #1: Since the four major towns no longer existed, no more travelers passed his tent. 1


Rashi #2: To distance himself from Lot, about whom rumors were spreading that he had relations with his daughters. 2


The Seforno adds that Avraham set up tent between two big towns, in order to attract travelers from both towns, in order to spread the service of Hashem.


Riva, Moshav Zekenim (Bereishis 19:37), Ramban: Even though a Nochri is permitted to his daughter, the nations had separated themselves from Ervah. This is why Horiyos 6b says that Lot's action was an Aveirah.


רש"י: דבר אחר להתרחק מלוט וכו': מה היה קשה בפירוש הראשון שבעטיו הוסיף רש"י 'דבר אחר'?


גור אריה: לפרוש הראשון היה צריך לכתוב זאת לעיל (פרק יט פסוק כט) [לפני מעשה בנות לוט].

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