Adam was commanded to eat from all other trees, include the Tree of Life. [Surely], he ate from it. How was death decreed on him?


Riva #1, Moshav Zekenim (22): Perhaps the tree helps only one who already ate from Etz ha'Da'as, like some medicines help only sick people. 1


Riva #2: Perhaps he did not eat from the Tree of Life, for he was in Gan Eden only a short time.


Riva #3: Perhaps he did not eat from the Tree of Life, for before eating from Etz ha'Da'as, he did not know to distinguish it from the other trees.


Rosh (on Bereishis 3:6): Hashem said that now, if he will eat from the Tree of Life, he will live forever, for it will remedy the poison of Etz ha'Da'as, and he will not eat from Etz ha'Da'as again.


מה משמעות האכילה בגן עדן?


גור אריה (לעיל, א,כא): האכילה היא קיום הנמצאים והיא קנין להשלים את עצמו, וכשם שבעוה"ז ישנה אכילה הראויה לכאן, כך בגן עדן ישנה אכילה הראויה לאותו עולם. לכן שייך שיקנה האדם חיים או מוות ע"י אכילתו. 1


עיין כעין זה במהר"ל בחידושי אגדות עמ' קד ד"ה מעשה, ועמ' קה ד"ה כל, ב"ב דף עד.

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