Why did Lot's Tefilah save Tzo'ar, but Avraham's Tefilah did not save it?


Moshav Zekenim: Lot asked only for Tzo'ar. All Avraham's requests were to save all five cities.


Ramban (Pasuk 12): Perhaps this was in honor of his hospitality. It is proper for Sheluchim to save the entire house of their hosts, like we find that Yehoshua's Sheluchim saved Rachav's family.


רש"י: הפכי - הופך אני: מה חידש רש"י?


גור אריה: בפשטות היו"ד מתייחסת אל הפועֵל והפסוק יתפרש שהמלאך יתהפך, אבל זה לא יתכן [ולכן פירש רש"י שזה מתייחס לנפעל- לעיר].

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