Seeing as 'Kemach' is coarse flour and 'Soles', fine wheat-flour, how will we explain the apparent contradiction?


Rashi: The 'Soles' was in order to prepare cakes, and the 'Kemach' to draw the filth from the pot.


Ramban: He took three Sa'ah of Kemach, which he ground a number of times until he had sufficient fine flour to make bread for his guests.


Hadar Zekenim, based on Bava Metzi'a 87a: First, he said "Kemach" (he thought that it is obvious that he intends for Soles). Sarah asked if she should use coarse flour, so he needed to explicitly say Soles. This shows that Sarah was stingy.


Why did Avraham tell Sarah to hurry?


Hadar Zekenim: Women are lazy.


רש"י: סלת לעוגות, קמח לעמלן של טבחים: למה לא פירש שהכוונה לקמח של סולת?


גור אריה: כיון שמהקמח עושים סולת, צריך לומר 'סולת קמח' [כלומר 'סולת של קמח'] ולא "קמח סולת", ולכן יש לחלק ביניהם, קמח לעמילן וסולת לעוגות.

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