What was the gist of the opening dialogue between the angel and Hagar?


Seforno: The angel was asking her what she was doing traveling away from the holy dwelling of a Tzadik on her way to Chutz la'Aretz, a Tamei place where Resha'im live. To which she replied that she was not going anywhere in particular, 1 but that she was simply running away from her mistress who was tormenting her.


Chachmah u'Musar (2 p.339): She said that after overtly seeing Emunah in Avraham's house, nothing could hurt her (spiritually). The angel rejected this. In the house of Tzadikim you were careful from all sin, but in a house of Resha'im one stumbles through anything... It is better to return and be afflicted - "Tov Li Ki Uneisi Lema'an Elmad Chukecha."


רש"י: איה המקום שתאמר עליו מזה אני בא: למה שאל "איה המקום...מזה אני בא" ולא שאל מאיזה באתה?


גור אריה: שאלה זו איננה רק 'מאין באת', אלא גם 'מה תעשה כאן', ופירוש השאלה- איה המקום שתאמר עליו מזה באתי לשאלת מה תעשה בכאן', ולכן השיבה הגר "מפני שרי גבירתי".

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