Of what importance is it to know that Nimrod was the first strong man in the world?


Rashi: To teach us that he was the one to turn the people against HaSh-m 1 by instigating the building of the Tower of Bavel. 2


Targum Yonasan: Because he was the first person to sin in open rebellion against HaSh-m since the world was created.


Ramban: Nimrod was the first self- declared monarch. Refer to 10:9:1:2.


Which explains why he was called "Nimrod" (Rashi to Chulin 89a).


Even though people began to practice idolatry in the days of Enosh, they did not do so as an act of rebellion, but worshipped other gods as well (Ramban).


Rashi writes: "[Nimrod] caused the world to rebel against HaSh-m." Why doesn't Rashi interpret literally, that Nimrod was a mighty hunter?


Gur Aryeh: The word "Hechel (he began)" is seemingly unnecessary, and it can be interpreted as "Chilul (profane, desecration)." 1


Refer to 10:8:1:1*:. We find a similar expression regarding Noach and the vineyard; refer to 9:20:1:1. (CS)


Rashi writes: "[Nimrod] caused the world to rebel against HaSh-m." If that is the correct interpretation, why is Nimrod the beginning? There were other idolaters prior to him.


Gur Aryeh: Nimrod was the first to deceive and ensnare people's minds (Rashi to 10:9).


Rashi writes: "[Nimrod] caused the world to rebel against HaSh-m." Why doesn't the verse write this explicitly? The Torah usually does not cover up the sins of the wicked!


Gur Aryeh: In those times, just as HaSh-m was not served publicly, idolatry was not committed publicly either, and so the verse does not publicize it.


Rashi writes: "[Nimrod] caused the world to rebel against HaSh-m." The simple meaning of the verse is that he was a mighty king; how can we support Rashi's interpretation?


Gur Aryeh: (a) The verse (10:9) states, "he was mighty... before HaSh-m." On the contrary, one ought to humble oneself before HaSh-m; this verse shows that Nimrod was in rebellion against Him; (b) Nimrod used plots and cunning to mislead others; that is why he is called a "hunter" (10:9)


Gur Aryeh: This is why HaSh-m did not wish that the Jewish people appoint a king (Shmuel I 8).


רש"י: להמריד כל העולם: למה לא פירש שהיה גיבור ציד כפשוטו?


גור אריה: לשון "החל" לכאורה מיותר ונדרש מלשון חילול.


רש"י: להמריד כל העולם: למה הוא "החל" והרי היו עכו"ם לפניו?


גור אריה: הוא הראשון שצד דעתם של הבריות.


רש"י: להמריד כל העולם: קשה א"כ למה לא נכתב הדבר בפרוש והרי אין דרך הכתוב לכסות פשע הרשעים?


גור אריה: התורה כיסתה את הדבר כי באותם ימים שלא הייתה עבודת ה' גלויה, גם הע"ז לא הייתה גלויה.


רש"י: להמריד כל העולם: פשוטו של מקרא שהיה מלך תקיף, וכיצד מתפרש כאן הדרש?


גור אריה: לפני ה' יש להכנע, ואילו נמרוד היה "גיבור ציד לפני השם", ומכאן למדו שהיה ממריד את הבריות. ונקרא גיבור ציד כי הצייד עושה בתחבולה וערמה, וכך הוא עשה להמריד את הבריות. והוא היה המלך הראשון, וסתם מלכות הארץ מתנגדת למלכות שמים.

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