Why does the Torah not specify the names of the cities that the children of Mitzrayim built, like it does with regard to the other families?


Ramban: It is not necessary to do so, since (a) the land of Mitzrayim itself (which is named after the father) is well-known, and (b) all his children lived around Mitzrayim (or even in it), and their respective lands were all called after them (as was Pelashes).


Ramban (citing the Ibn Ezra): All the names mentioned here, are in fact names of countries, 1 each one inhabited by one specific family.


Since the Torah uses the word "mi'Sham" (from there), which denotes location.


Rashi writes: "Lehavim - their faces were similar to a flame (Lahav)." Mizrachi asks


Gur Aryeh: When we find that the name of a person has a clear meaning, we may assume that he would not be so named unless there was a connection to that meaning.


רש"י: שפניהם דומים ללהב: רא"ם: קשה למה פירש שמם, מה שלא עשה אצל האחרים?


גור אריה: שם שאין לו משמעות לא צריך לפרשו, אבל כאשר יש לשם משמעות, אין לקרוא כך אלא א"כ יש לאדם זה שייכות עם אותו ענין.

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