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Shalom S. asked:

Shalom Aleichem Maranan Rabbanan Virabosai. This daf features the third instance in Chullin where Rav Papa paskens lichumra like all the views of the amora'im. The Yosef Da'as (on 46a) says that there are numerous such instances in Shas, pointing the student to look at the Yosef Da'as on Sotah and Bava Basra for further details. (I do not have access to those Yosef Da'as volumes). I have heard, though, that we find in fact a total of ten episodes where Rav Papa rules with universalistic stringency. I have found nine, and wanted to ask your help to locate the tenth (perhaps you have access to the Yoseif Da'as). The nine I have found so far are: Brachos 59a (rainbow blessing), Brachos 60b (washroom blessing), Shabbos 20a (igniting logs on Friday afternoon), Ta'anis 6b (rain thanksgiving blessing), Megillah 21b (Megillah blessing), Sotah 40a (Modim during Chazaras Hashatz), Chullin 46a (residual kizayis of hepatic tissue), Chullin 65a (kosher grasshopper wings), and Chullin 76b (compound fracture of leg). Do you know of the tenth? Thank you very kindly, Shalom Spira Montreal

Shalom Spira, Montreal, Canada

The Kollel replies:

The ten places that you mention are recorded in Sefer Hadar Yitzchak (p. 149) in the name of Rav Shimshon Aharon Polonski zt'l, Av Beis Din of Teplik and Rav of Beis Yisrael in Yerushalayim. They are not exactly "universalistic stringencies," as not all really constitute Chumros.

He lists the ones that you list (although Ta'anis 6b is replaced by Berachos 59b, which is the same Sugya regarding the blessing for Yeridas Geshamim), and he adds, as the tenth place, Berachos 11b (text of Birkas ha'Torah), according to the Girsa of Rosh and Rif.

Y. Shaw