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Bob asks:

The gm' says mechtza al mechtza(ma"m) krov, i did not understand why it does not say ma"m kosher. because the point is that mma"m is kosher, a few lines later the gm' says vha ika ruba, again saying there is rov,the point is that its kosher. You also cant say the gm' just means it has a din of rov because you see by tanur its rov mamaush please enlighten me thank you

The Kollel replies:

Hi! Had the Gemara said the MA"M is "kosher," it would have meant that this is a law specific to the laws of Shechitah; is this Shechitah kosher or not. That is not so, as is evident from the Gemara's comparison to Tanur. Rav and Rav Kahana are arguing a basic Machlokes about whether exactly half is equivalent to Rov (that is, Rov means that more than half is not *left over*), and it applies to many laws. (In a way, it is similar to the Machlokes we had on a recent Dafyomi (Eruvin 16a) as to whether Parutz k'Omed is considered a Mechitzah or not. Tosfos in Chulin mentions this Halachah.)

Be well,