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Eli asked:

I was learning these sigyus of Tipas Chalav (siman 92) and and the Rishonim argue in a case where the chalav falls on the outside of a pot. There's something I didn't understand. In a case where a tipah of Chalav falls on "Raikan", the chalav is only Mifapa'ah until the rotev. Why is that true, why doesn't it spread throught the whole pot?

Thank you in advance

Eli, NY

The Kollel replies:

The Beis Yosef and Prishah explain that we are unsure as to whether the milk spreads through the pot or not. The Prishah (92:19) explains that we do not mean to say that the milk only goes as far as level to the Rotev, rather that we must be stringent and worry that it may have gone nearly as far as the Rotev. He explains that if it goes as far as the Rotev, the whole pot is Mutar, so the most we need to worry for is that the milk went nearly until the Rotev.

Dov Freedman