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Dovid asked:

According to the shita that says efshar lisochto is usser, and t/f the other piece in the pot becomes usser b/c the first piece of meat becomes a cheftza shel isser (Chanan)- why would we diffrenciate between meat and kilai habeged? Meaning, according to this shita even if hypothetically speaking, you were to get out all of the chalav out of the meat, it would still be usser. Why is it then that if I have shatnez in my cloths that I could take out the taaroves and it's mutar- why shouldn't it become a cheftza shel issur also?

Dovid, Queens, NY

The Kollel replies:

Perhaps Chazal only said Efsher Lesochato is Asur in a case where the Isur actually permeates the Heter, such as Beli'os of Isur, as opposed to Sha'atnez where even though the mixture is Asur, there is no Isur inside the Heter.

Dov Freedman