katzdds asked:

1 - Daf 50 B - We learn about the Chavitai Cohen Gadol, that has to be brought every day, both in the morning and the afternoon. We also learn in a Mishna in Tamid 31B , that it was a regular Cohen who placed it on the fire of the Mizbaiach. The question is, did the Cohen Hagadol have to be present at each of his Mincha Offerings , or could he have a Shaliach bring it for him ? In other words, did the Cohen Hagadol ever get to go on a vacation, and leave town ??? ( we know regarding all the other Avodahs in the Beis Hamikdash, he had first right to do them, but if he didn't want too, he didn't have to , except for Yom Kippur, of course ) Now if he always had to be present at his own offerings he would never be able to leave Yerushalaim for more than a few hours at a time, But if someone else could bring it for him, He could go on that vacation he desperately needed ???? ( I was told that Rav Eliyushiv, shlita, has never left Yerushalim his entire life ).

The Kollel replies:

Regarding the Kohen Gadol going on vacation, the Rambam writes (Hilchos Klei ha'Mikdash 5:3) that the Kohen Gadol must live in Yerushalayim. The Acharonim offer different reasons for this Halachah. The Minchas Chinuch writes that since he brings Chavitim every day, he must sleep over the following night in Yerushalayim (Linah).

Regarding his status of owner of the Korban, the Mikdash David (30:20) writes that the Kohen Gadol is not the Ba'al ha'Korban in the classic sense, for we see that if there is no Kohen Gadol, the Tzibur must bring it. Rather, it is considered a Korban Tzibur that is incumbent upon the Kohen Gadol to bring. Therefore, since he is not actually the one who owns the Korban who gets Kaparah from it, he may not need to be present.

D. Zupnik