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Moshe asked:

(a) Are there two opinions on how to place them in the batim? one left to right and other right to left?

(b) I am told from big Rabbanim opposite of Ari and others who understand the Ari saying he put it on the same as the Ari

(c) Are the tagim the same or do some add more tagim?

Moshe, tzfat, israel

The Kollel replies:

(a) I saw in the Yalkut Sofer (ch. 26) that in fact the placement of Shimusha Rabah is "mi'Yemin ha'Meni'ach Tefilin," i.e. left to right of the person putting in the Parshiyos, unlike regular Tefilin where the Parshiyos are placed "mi'Yemin ha'Meni'ach ha'Parshiyos" into the Batim (i.e. right to left).

(b) I'm not clear what exactly you are asking in your second question.

(c) Regarding the third question, there are many, many more Tagim on Shimusha Rabah letters in the Parshiyos than on standard Tefilin. If you would like to see an example, I would suggest looking in the back of the Sefer Otzar Stam (vol. 3), where he has an example of all four Parshiyos written for Shimusha Rabah Tefilin.

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose