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Majorie Alley asked:

Hello ---

I am not Jewish, but I wonder if I may ask a question about Sanhedrin 54b regarding the punishment for an adult male who is the "nishkav" and how that applies in the case of homosexual rape.

A Jewish acquaintance who does not believe Genesis 19 has anything to do with homosexuality posted a question asking whether the angels who were visiting Lot would have been subject to stoning if they HAD been raped by the men of Sodom.

As I looked over your comments on b. Sanhedrin 54, I did not see anything concerning a nishkav over the age of 9 who is a victim of homosexual rape.

Would you be able to clear this up for me?

Does the Talmud speak about the case of an adult man who is a victim of homosexual rape?

Would the angels have been subject to stoning if they had been raped by the men of Sodom? (I am thinking, surely not!)

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Kind regards,

Marjorie Alley

The Kollel replies:

The Beis-Din may only punish someone who sins deliberately. Neither a victim nor someone who even sins by mistake is punishable at the hands of Beis-Din (though the term 'by mistake' is subject to interpretation).

In any event, angels are not subject to punishment at the hand of human beings nor, for that matter, are they subject to rape.

All the best

Eliezer Chrysler