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Mark Staum asked:

Daf 22 speaks of the Kohanim and their inability to drink wine today based on the possibility that the Temple may be rebuilt. This is the opinion of the Tanna Kamma in the Gemarah but it appears from the rest of the gemara that it is not a problem for Kohanim to drink wine today. How do we Pasken Halacha and why?


The Kollel replies:

Rabeinu Chananel writes that when Abaye says "like whom do Kohanim drink wine nowadays," he is saying that Kohanim who drink wine nowadays are doing so based on a Da'as Yachid, a minority opinion, and that it is proper to conduct oneself like the Chachamim and *refrain* from drinking wine. The Yosef Da'as points out that Abaye himself, who was a Kohen, did not drink wine (Kesuvos 65a).

However, the Tosfos ha'Rosh there says that the reason why Abaye did not drink wine was because he was too poor to afford it, and not because he was a Kohen. Others prove from the Gemara in Berachos (42b) that Abaye did drink wine, at least on Yom Tov (perhaps because the Beis ha'Mikdash will not be rebuilt on Yom Tov; see Margoliyos ha'Yam who gives such an explanation, based on Eruvin 43a). Tosfos in Ta'anis writes that wine during a Se'udah does not intoxicate, and thus this also might be why Abaye himself drank wine. Finally, the Yosef Da'as suggests that perhaps Abaye drank wine that was diluted so much that it does not intoxicate.

Y. Shaw